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Dear visitor,
I have been a collector of antique firearms for forty years and originally started buying and selling to support my collecting "habit". I am not an expert on all guns, but I am learning every day, and I have a good resource library to draw on. About five years ago my passion for antique hand guns turned into a real business although I still do this mostly for fun. I enjoy researching new pieces and trying to find out more about the "mystery" guns I often find. My prices are always based on my purchase costs, and never excessive. I encourage my customers to research and compare anything they see on my site with other dealers and buy whatever they perceive as the better value! Remember though, that the value of an antique gun is always relative to its condition, scarcity and current market conditions. Please feel free to contact me for advice and assistance when considering purchasing an antique gun, even if it's from someone else!

All of my guns are classified as antiques by the  Canadian Regulations Prescribing Antique Firearms, and are sold as antiques, not firearms. As such, the purchaser does not require a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL), or any other licence to purchase or possess an antique however I will insist that you provide proof of age.  You must be 18+ to purchase any of my guns.  All ammunition is sold for collecting purposes only and not warranted to be safe to use. You must provide a copy of your PAL to purchase any ammunition. I sell my products based on the following terms and conditions:

1. I do not warrant any of my guns or ammo to be safe to shoot. If you plan to shoot one of my guns, even with blanks, I recommend you take it to a competent gunsmith first to have it checked.

2. I do my best to describe, photograph and rate each gun based on my experience, research, and what I can see however my evaluation may not always be completely accurate. If you purchase one of my guns and you are not satisfied, you may return it for a full refund (minus shipping and processing fees) provided that:
        a. you notify me by e-mail WITHIN 24 HOURS OF RECEIVING THE GUN (based on tracking number),
        b. you return it, at your own cost, within 3 days,
       c. the gun is un-altered and in the same condition as when it left my house. If I suspect that it has been             tampered with, you will not receive a refund!
       d. shipping to and from your house is at your own risk. If you require insurance, signature or other service,           please arrange with me separately.

3. The sale of my products is subject to GST in Canada, and both GST and PST in British Columbia. Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars.

4. I can ship anywhere in Canada, provided there is postal or Fedex delivery service. I use the most economical shipping methods and usually charge a nominal $20 for shipping. If you require special shipping arrangements please ask me for a quote. Ammo is shipped based on Fedex quotes.

5. IMPORTANT Pricing and Payment Options:
I accept money orders, personal checks, credit cards, e-payments (interac) and PayPal. My prices reflect a 4% DISCOUNT for payment by money order, check and e-transfer. If you prefer to use Credit Cards or PayPal, discount does not apply! PayPal and CC fees are non-refundable.

PLEASE READ:  If you are serious about purchasing one of my guns or ammunition you must send me confirmation that you have mailed your payment. Until such time I reserve the right to sell to someone else. Once I have confirmation that your payment is on its way I will put the gun or ammo aside for FOUR DAYS. If I do not receive your payment by then, I will sell otherwise. I will ship as soon as your payment clears my bank.

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Antique Firearm Condition Rating:

Perfect condition with no or very little wear. Near-perfect sharp edges, engraving, etching and stampings. Never been fired, all original and matching numbers (if applicable). Fully functional, shiny bore, sharp rifling, mechanically perfect.

80% - plus original surface finish on metal and grips, no deep scratches, gouges, cracks or dings. Minor surface oxidation, mottled or pin-prick pitting in some places. Grips are fine, excellent wood-to-metal fit, no cracks or chips. Mechanically perfect, all original, matching numbers (if applicable), sharp edges, lettering and engraving. Bore is shiny and rifling sharp.

30% - plus original finish on metal and grips, some surface loss due to handling and use, smooth, natural patina. Minor to moderate scratches, oxidation, pitting and wear. Some loss of detail to lettering, engraving and some rounding of edges. Bore is clean but dull with minor oxidation and sharp rifling. Mechanically and functionally good. Matching numbers (if applicable).

Very Good
Some original finish remaining in protected areas, natural patina on remain
ing metal surfaces. Grips show considerable wear, small chips and shrinkage from age with little original finish remaining. All original parts. Dark bore with shallow rifling. Mechanically good with minor faults. 

Little to no original finish on metal or grips. Heavy wear to wood and metal, evidence of heavy cleaning, bruising and scratching. Lettering and engraving mostly obliterated, edges rounded, moderate to heavy pitting, minor replacement parts, dark, pitted bore, heavy pitting, little to no rifling visible. Functional.

No original finish remains. The gun has been heavily cleaned and scratched. Little evidence of engraving, etching or lettering. Mismatched numbers, major parts replaced or missing. Grips are cracked, chipped or mismatched and fitting loosely. May not be functional.

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