Harrington & Richardson "Aetna 3", .38 Rim Fire Pocket Revolver
H&R were the successors to Wesson & Harrington - Frank Wesson being the brother (and mentor) of Daniel B. Wesson of S&W fame, and Gilbert Harrington being his nephew. Small world... When William Richardson joined the firm in 1874, and Frank thought of retiring, the company name was changed to Harrington & Richardson. Frank Wesson continued to be involved for a few more years until he finally retired for good in 1878. From then on, the firm of H&R was in the hands of the two principals, and they remained in Worcester, MA until the mid-1970's, when they moved to Gardiner, MA. H&R were mostly makers of small revolvbers - pocket revolvers, "suicide specials", bulldogs, and later small semi-automatics. 
This model, the Aetna, came in three calibers - the Aetna 1 was a .22 rim fire, the Aetna 2 a .32, and this most rare one, the Aetna 3 a .38 rim fire, five-shot pocket revolver. This specimen is in excellent condition, with nearly 100% original nickel, vibrant case colors on the hammer, and excellent, undamaged hard rubber grips. The action is strong and crisp, lock-up is tight and indexing is accurate. The bore is very good, with sharp rifling and only a few bumps along the length of it.3 inch barrel, marked only "AETNA 3"on the top strap, SN 112, rated excellent overall.


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