Allen & Thurber Percussion Pepperbox 
One of the most famous names in American gun manufacture is that of Ethan Allen, of Massachusetts. Allen was in business from 1831 as E. Allen until 1871 when the company was called E. Allen & Co. In between that time, Allen formed several partnerships, one with Charles Thurber (1837 - 1856) and one with Thomas Wheelock (1856 - 1865). His partnership with Thurber, and his move to Worcester in 1847 put this pepperbox into the date range between 1847 and 1854. It is a .31 caliber, double-action only percussion gun with a cluster of six barrels. These "revolving pistols" as they were called were the forerunners of the revolver. These are formidable, heavy weapons, and they were known and respected for their effectiveness and reliability. This particular specimen is in excellent condition, with much of the original blue intact on the barrel cluster, and some traces on the nipple shield and frame. The hand-engraved frame is very good, with crisp, sharp lines. The barrels are marked "ALLEN & THURBER / WORCESTER" and the bar hammer is marked "ALLEN'S PATENT / 1845". The walnut grips are excellent, with 90%+ original varnish, without cracks or missing chips. Crisp, accurate action, clean, undamaged nipples, vibrant case colors on the hammer and trigger. NSN, rated excellent overall.  


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