Pedro Aranguren "Lupara", 16 Ga. Pin Fire 
The “Lupara” is a “pocket shotgun” used for small-game hunting and (apparently) as protection from wolves (lupo = wolf). The Sicilian Mafia enforcers use the lupara in their urban warfare…
This lupara was made by Pedro Aranguren and company of Placencia, Spain. Placencia De Las Armas is another, less known Basque town in the same area as Eibar and Ermua where gun manufacture has been practiced for centuries. Pedro Aranguren is mentioned in the 1883 Basque Chamber of Commerce directory as a “cannoneer” since 1858. The gun is a true shotgun, chambered for a 16 ga pin-fire shell, unlike the famous gauchos which are pistols, often meant to fire a solid bullet. The gun is marked “ARANGUREN Y CA PLACENCIA” and “Crown over PA”, with the number 16. This number corresponds to the gauge and is not likely a serial number. The hammer cocks to a half-cock and a full-cock position, and the springs are strong. The lever under the trigger guard releases the tip-down barrel. It does not have an extractor. This is not a high-quality gun, its finish is a bit rough but it seems sturdy and tough. There are a few old repairs to the stock on the right side, with a narrow crack from the back strap to the lock plate. NSN, rated very good.

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