Cased Robbins & Lawrence Pepperbox with Custom Boot Knife Set
Samuel E. Robbins and Richard S. Lawrence were excellent gun makers located in Windsor, Vermont, from about 1845 to 1854. Their pepperboxes were one of the most popular and best-selling personal protective weapons of their day, and would probably have done even better if it had not been for the invention of the revolver at about the same time. These pepperboxes are extremely well made, with a unique loading mechanism and rotating firing pin. The hinged barrel cluster stays stationary while a rotating hammer strikes the primers inside the cluster in sequence. It has two triggers, one ring trigger to cock and rotate the hammer, the other in front of it, to release it. This specimen looks to be in mint condition; it has probably never been fired. The engraving and lettering are sharp, the nipples are clean and without corrosion. The walnut grips are excellent with minor wear on the high spots, free of cracks and missing chips. The 4 1/2 inch barrel cluster is browned while the frame is blued. Marked "ROBBINS & LAWRENCE CO. / WINDSOR VT. / PATENT. 1849". SN 5528.
The companion boot knife is forged from W-1 carbon steel. The guard is browned like the barrels of the gun, and the blade and butt cap are fire-blued. The Indian rosewood grip is as close to matching the gun's grips as I could manage. Both are housed in a solid walnut presentation case, fitted in the French fashion. This is one of my famous sets of a particularly nice antique gun matched with one of my custom companion knives. 


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