Colt M1851 "Navy" .36 Caliber Percussion With Period Army Holster

One of the Colonel's most famous creations was the 1851 Navy model, which to this day is one of the most-collected Colt handguns. Colt made some 215,000 of these between 1850 and 1873, with another 52,000 made at Colt's London factory. Add to this the many imitations and knock-off designs, and it is not surprising that the 1851 Colt has become one of the most recognizable percussion guns ever made.
This specimen was manufactured in 1863 and bears the Colt New York / US / America address, although all of their guns were made at the Hartford, CT factory. New York just sounded more impressive, and many makers kept at least a small office in this city to be able to claim its prestige. This gun shows its colorful age. It is fairly pitted on the cylinder and barrel, and it is evident that it saw rough and prolonged service. A few parts have been replaced - the rammer latch and the nipples, from what I can tell. The action is good, though, and the cylinder indexes and locks up properly. The bore is moderately pitted, and the rifling is strong. Matching serial numbers on the barrel, rammer, frame, trigger guard and wedge. I can't make out the number on the cylinder. The grip is in very good condition, without cracks or missing chips, and a few shallow dents in the butt. The holster is a civil war era "US" marked flap holster in good condition. SN 145903 good overall.



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