Colt M1877 "Thunderer", "Sheriff's Model", .41 Long Colt
The M1877 was Colt's first attempt at a double-action cartridge revolver, and it was about four years ahead of Smith and Wesson. It is a very unique design, different from the European revolvers of the same era, and different from the S&W design four years later. This is the quintessential "Western" revolver, with the side-mounted, spring loaded extractor, loading gate and fluted cylinder. The gun was made from 1877 to about 1909, and this long production run says something about its popularity! In Canada only those .41 LC guns with serial numbers below 107,000 are considered antique.
This specimen is one of the finest I have ever had. Its nickel plating is 99% intact, the action is smooth and accurate, the lock-up is excellent and the bore of the 5 inch barrel is shiny, with excellent rifling. It shows nice nitre blue on the screw heads, the hammer and trigger, and the grips are excellent, without cracks or missing chips, and minimal wear. Sharp markings, fine etched panel on the side of the barrel, all matching numbers. Made in 1884, SN 49787, rated Excellent overall.

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