Excellent Colt M1849 Pocket, .31 Percussion 
Manufactured in 1863, this is an excellent, 4-inch barrel, 6-shot Colt 1849 pocket model. The barrel and cylinder retain about 70% original blue, and the case colors on the frame, rammer and hammer are exceptional. The cylinder scene is sharp and crisp. About 50% tarnished silver on the grip frame, 90% original varnish, tight wood to metal fit. One of the finest '49's I have ever come across! The action is crisp, the springs are strong, the barrel is shiny and rifling is sharp. A near-perfect bore. It looks unfired to me. There is no corrosion on the nipples, and no signs of disfigurement. All matching numbers including the rammer and wedge. Single line New York address. Crisp markings throughout.
The M1849 was introduced in succession to the Baby Dragoon, which was Colt's most successful small caliber hand gun to date. Everyone thought the Pocket would not be able to live up to the older model's reputation however it turned out to become Colt's most popular percussion gun with over 340,000 produced in 23 years. SN 214039, rated excellent overall.


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