Early Colt M1877 "Thunderer", Sheriff's Model, .41LC
In 1877 Colt introduced their first double-action revolver. It came in three different calibers, .32, .38 and .41 Long Colt. The smallest was called "Rainmaker", the .38 "Lightning" and the .41 "Thunderer". The 1877 was manufactured from 1877 to 1909, with a run of over 166,000 units however only the .41 caliber with serial numbers below 107,000 is considered antique in Canada. This is the "Sheriff's Model" with a 3 1/2 inch barrel and a cylinder pin instead of the spring-loaded extractor. It is in excellent condition with 80% original nickel plating, and fine hard rubber grips without cracks or missing chips. You can tell this gun was carried in a holster for many years - the left grip is worn more than the right, the right grip is a little sun-bleached, and the nickel has rubbed off somewhat on the right side. All signs this gun was carried in an open-style holster on the right side of the body. The serial number puts the year of manufacture in 1880. The action is crisp and tight, the cylinder lock-up is excellent, and the barrel is clean and shiny. Matching numbers on the frame, trigger guard and bottom of grip. SN# 12152. Rated excellent overall.

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