J. M. Cooper Pocket Revolver, .31 Percussion
J. M. Cooper made a variety of percussion revolvers from the 1850's to the late 1860's. From the outside the Cooper pocket looks a lot like the Colt 1849 pocket however that is where the similarites end: this one is a sophisticated double action revolver, years ahead of the Colt design. The gun is of excellent workmanship, every bit as good as a Colt, but the internal mechanism is nothing like the simple Colt single action. This is the Second Model Philadelphia revolver with a brass grip strap. The gun is in very fine condition, with about 75% blue on the cylinder and traces on the 4-inch barrel. The silver plating on the grip strap has all worn off. The nipples are clean, without corrosion or damage. Shiny bore, sharp rifling, minor bumps along the length of the barrel. The one-piece walnut grip is very good, with two small chips missing on the toe, on either side. The butt is slightly marred from someone using it as a hammer. Matching serial numbers on the frame, cylinder and rammer. Marked "COOPER FIREARMS MFG CO. FRANKFORD PHILA. PA. / PAT. JAN 7, 1851 APR.25 1854 SEP 4 1860 / SEP 1 1863 SEP 22 1863. SN#473, rated very fine overall.


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