Iver Johnson "Defender 89" .32 RF Pocket Revolver
Iver Johnson and Martin Bye were partners until 1883, when Johnson bought Bye's shares and changed the name of the company to Iver Johnson's Arms and Cycle Works. He relocated from Norwich to Fitchburg in 1891.
The "Defender 89" is a typical "Sucide Special" and since it is called "89" one would assume that it was made around 1889, at a time when Martin Bye was no longer a part of the company.
This particular specimen is in about very good gondition, with very good walnut grips and about 80% original nickel. The action works correctly, and the cylinder indexes however it is a bit stiff . It may never have been much better as it is a very basic design. These guns were cheap, and plentiful but they are an important part of American fireams development history. 2 1/2 inch barrel, chambered for the .32 rim fire cartridge. SN 162, rated very good overall.


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