Iver Johnson "Favorite No. 3", RARE 6-Inch Barrel, .38 Rim Fire
In the early years of Iver Johnson's gun making ventures, the company made a handful of spur-trigger revolvers which are not often seen on the market these days. The later, double-action revolvers such as the American Bulldog and Safety Hammerless are much more common. The "Favorite" was made from 1873 until the early 1880's, and was discontinued when the "American Bulldog" came on the market. In fact, this model is almost identical to the the six-inch version of the bulldog, except for the fact that this is a single-action, spur-trigger gun.
This particular specimen is in excellent condition, with 95% of the original nickel intact. The action is excellent, lock-up is accurate and tight. The bore is bright, with crisp, defined rifling and only a couple of small spots. The rosewood grips are fine, without cracks or missing chips, and most of the original varnish intact, except for some handling marks. Marked only "FAVORITE NO. 3" on the octagonal part of the six-inch barrel. This is a rare and excellent Iver Johnson revolver, with a very low serial number. SN 5, rated excellent overall.

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