Henry Holland of Burford Tap Action Pistol
Henry Holland is listed in Stoeckel as "Junior", suggesting that he was the son of Henry Holland of Birmingham. There are 20 Hollands listed, with several Henry's but only two which fall into the timeframe in question. Henry junior was active in Burford, Oxfordshire from 1841 to 1863 and is the only one listed for this town. There is another Henry, of "Holland & Holland" fame, but he did not finish his apprenticeship until 1878. He may be a son or nephew of this Holland.
This gun is a tap-action pocket pistol of approximately .42 caliber with smooth-bore, twist-off 2 1/2 inch barrels. A lever on the side of the frame allows the shooter to switch between the top and bottom barrels. The gun has a hidden trigger which drops down when the hammer is cocked. It also has a safety lever on the back strap which locks the hammer in place and prevents accidental discharge. The gun is nicely engraved, marked "HOLLAND" on the left side and "BURFORD" on the other. It bears Birmingham proofs on the frame and barrels. The grip is made of rosewood, and has a very small repair on the left side. There is a German silver escutcheon set into the rear of the grip. NSN, rated very fine to excellent overall.


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