18th Century Ketland Flintlock Pocket Pistol
There were several Ketland's active in the British gun making industry from about 1733 to the 1830's. Thomas and William Ketland Senior are first mentioned in 1737, with shops in the Birmingham "gun quarter". William Ketland & Co of London is mentioned from 1789 to 1798. This little gun would fit into this time period. It is a very finely crafted, excellent condition pocket gun "in the white", with a hidden drop-down trigger. The frizzen is pristine, the springs are strong and the action is crisp. London provisional and definitive proofs, excellent walnut grip without cracks or missing chips. marked "W. KETLAND & CO." on the left, "LONDON" on the right side. Approximately 11mm calibre. A real gem, NSN, Excellent overall.


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