Lambin & Theate "Eureka" .44 Webley Bulldog,
The Belgian firm of Lambin & Theate were in business from 1877 to 1894 making a variety of firearms, both handguns as well as long arms. They were well known for their many copies of famous designs - S&W, Enfield, and Webley.
This bulldog is a Webley copy, and it is called "EUREKA" as inscribed on the top strap. It is in excellent condition, with nice engraving on the frame and trigger guard, and very fine walnut grips with two minor marks on the right side. The "L&T" logo on the right front of the frame is consistent with "Lambin & Theate". The action is crisp and tight, the cylinder indexes correctly and locks up as tight as can be expected of a gun with only one-sided cylinder stop notches. The bore of the 2 1/2 inch barrel is clean, without pitting, and the rifling is pronounced. The nickel finish is about 80% intact. Pre-1878 Belgian proof marks, no serial number. Rated Excellent overall.

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