Manhattan Firearms "Navy" Model Series III, .36 Percussion 
This is the scarce model bearing the spring plate on the recoil shield found on only a few of the early Series III models. The plate is supposed to prevent sparks from the ignited cap from reaching neighbouring chambers. It was discontinued shortly after this specimen was made. This model has the less-common 6 1/2 inch barrel as well. The gun bears some faint traces of blue on the frame and barrel, in protected places. The cylinder scene is quite good, with several of the vignettes still recognizable.  The grips are excellent, with over 90% original varnish and practically no wear. The silver plating on the brass grip strap and trigger guard is about 50% intact. The action is crisp and accurate, the nipples are clean and undamaged. The bore is bright with sharp rifling. SN 20838, rated very fine overall.


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