Rare Norwich Falls Pistol Co. .32 RF Pocket Revolver
Not much is known of the Norwich Arms / Norwich Falls Pistol Co. except that they were once a private contractor making muskets for the union forces during the civil war. After the war they undoubtedly turned to the luctrative civilian market providing cheap personal protection in the form of pocket pistols to the citizenry of the USA. The guns were sold until 1881 through the New York retailer Maltby, Curtis & Co. The Norwich Falls Pistol Co. was apparently owned by Otis Smith, a small New England gun and tool maker. This particular example has rare, sculpted "Tiffany Style" metal grips depicting a forest scene with trees and stags. It is in excellent condition, with 95% of its original nickel plating intact. The action is crisp and accurate, and the bore is bright with good rifling. These guns were not very deeply rifled, so I do not think it was ever any better. 2 1/2 inch barrel, crisp markings on top "NORWICH ARMS CO. 32" and "PAT'D APRIL 28 1878" on the side. SN 101, rated excellent overall.


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