Norwich Falls Pistol Co. "Veteran", .32 Rim Fire 
The Norwich Falls Pistol Company was in business from 1882 to 1887. It was owned by Otis Smith, who made pocket revolvers under that name as well. Smith got out of the gun business in the 1890's and turned to making tools and agricultural implements instead. The Norwich Falls Pistols were typical "suicide specials", which sold for between $2 and $5 - compared to Colt's $10 to $12 each. Smith churned out thousands and thousands of these, many sold under the names of retailers such as Maltby, Curtis & Co. 
This model is called "Veteran", a non-descript name only the manufacturer may have a reference to. It is in good condition, with about 75% of its original nickel plating in place. The action works as it should however lock-up is not always the best. The bore is dull, and the rifling very shallow. The rosewood grips are very fine, without cracks or missing chips. SN 2926 rated good to very good overall.


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