Remington New Model Army, .44 Percussion
The Remington "New Model Army" was introduced in 1863, at the height of the American civil war, and was one of the most-used martial sidearms of the war. It was a stiff competitor to Colt's 1861 Army revolver, and much-favored by soldiers and officers for its ruggedness and reliability. The NMA is a solid-frame revolver which was considered superior to Colt's open-top design as far as its solid design was concerned, however critics claim it fouls up faster when using the slow-burning black powder of the period. The NMA was the last of Remington's percussion designs, and perhaps the best of them.
This particular specimen is in very fine to excellent condition, with about 50% original blue remaining, thinning in places, but strong in protected spots under the rammer and around the barrel. The grips are the original, open-grain, unvarnished walnut with a very strong inspector's cartouche. They are in excellent condition, without cracks, missing chips or major handling marks. The wood-to-metal fit is excellent. The action is crisp and tight, and the nipples are undamaged. The bore is bright, the rifling is sharp and crisp, and there are only a very few small spots. Tight, accurate action, excellent lock-up. 8 inch barrel, sharp markings, SN 97265 rated very fine to excellent overall.


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