Remington M1861 "Old Model Navy" 
Only about 7000 of the M1861 Navy were produced by Remington in c. 1862. It was substantially identical to the Army model, just a bit smaller, and in a .36 percussion caliber instead of .44. The numbering is sequential to the Remington-Beals Navy and goes up to about 21500. This is a late production run in the 21xxx range. The majority of the "Old Navy's" were made under contract to the US government, so finding one without martial markings is rare. This is a "civilian" model, without army inspection marks. This may be why it is in such fine condition. This gun retains 90% of the original deep blue on the 7 3/8 inch barrel and a faint amount on the cylinder. The frame, rammer and hammer show faint case coloring. The grips are fine, without cracks or missing chips and a tight wood-to-metal fit. The action is crisp and accurate and the nipples are excellent without damage or corrosion. The bore is bright with very minor spotting along the inside and sharp rifling. A very nice, big Remington. SN# 21008, rated excellent overall.


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