Remington Smoot New Model No. 1, .30 Rim Fire Short

 Introduced in 1875, this pocket revolver was Remington's first attempt at cracking the cartridge-loading pocket revolver market. W. S. Smoot, one of Remington's engineers had received a patent for this particular design back in 1873, and it would prove to be very useful to Remington, until about 1888. There were various Remington models utilizing this design. They are very well made, of exemplary quality, and it is a surprise that Remington could continue to make these for as long as they did, considering the stiff competition from the cheap, poorly made "Suicide Specials" of that era.
This particular specimen is in excellent condition. It retains about 90%+ of its original nickel plating, the action is crisp and the cylinder indexes and locks properly. The hammer displays vibrant case colors. The hard rubber grips are very good, with minor wear on the high spots, and bleaching to a medium brown color. There are no cracks or missing chips. The bore is bright and clean, with sharp rifling. A very unique early American pocket revolver of excellent quality. SN 2408 , Rated excellent overall. 



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