Webley RIC No. 1, First Pattern, .450 Webley

The Webley RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) pattern was introduced in 1868, and subsequently adopted by the Irish police as their standard side arm. The name RIC therefore refers to a pattern, and does not suggest that this particular gun was used by the Irish police.
This particular specimen is in very good condition. It has an unusual shaped hammer which I have not seen before on a Webley, and may be a custom fabrication. The action is crisp and accurate however, and the gun functions as it should both in single as well as double action. The bore is clean, with strong rifling, and moderate bumps and spots along the length of it. The lock-up is tight, the cylinder indexes properly, and the one-piece grip is very fine without cracks or missing chips, with moderate wear to the wood. Standard 4 1/2 inch barrel, SN 31316, rated very good overall.


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