Joseph Richardson Horse Pistol, 15mm Percussion
Joseph Richardson is listed in Stoeckel as having been active from about 1826 to 1851, and he apparently worked from Darlington, Durham. There is no other "Richardson" who would fit the time frame, and none at all for London. The pistol is marked "LONDON" on the barrel, and it bears Birmingham proof marks. I believe the London marking is meant to impress prospective customers. American gun makers have done the same thing, placing "New York" on their guns, even though their factories were elsewhere.
This is a very handsome, brass-barreled horse pistol of about .60 caliber. It is marked "RICHARDSON" on the lock, "LONDON" on top of the barrel, and bears Birmingham provisional and final proof marks. It is in very fine to excellent condition, with a properly functioning action, a good nipple with minor corrosion, and a fine stock, with a small crack near the lock bolt on the left side. The German silver accents are very fine, with a cap compartment in the butt, an escutcheon on the back of the grip, and escutcheons around the wedge and on the front of the stock. Nicely engraved on the hammer, lock plate and trigger guard. A beautiful, mid-19th century manstopper. NSN, rated very fine overall.

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