Rogers & Spencer .44 Army, .44 Percussion 
Rogers and Spencer of Uthica, New York were latecomers in the bid to get government contracts to supply the Union with sidearms during the civil war. Their .44 percussion army revolver was not presented until November of 1864, and although the US government ordered some 5000 units, they were not delivered until April of 1865, just as the war ended. There is no indication that any of them were ever issued to troops, and they probably languished in a warehouse for many decades. In 1901 most of the entire lot was sold at auction and passed into collectors' hands. For this reason one can still find some of these in excellent, almost unused condition. 
This particular specimen is in excellent condition. The action is crisp and tight, the nipples are pristine and the 7 1/2 inch barrel is excellent, with sharp rifling and a few minor dark spots along the length of the bore. 90%-plus original blue, all matching numbers. RPB (Capt. R. P. Barry, US Ordnance) monogram stamped on the left grip for government inspection. Rated excellent overall. SN 1341.


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