C. Sharps Four-Barrel Pepperbox Model 2A, .30 Rim Fire
Christian Sharps' patent of 1858 for this four-barrel pepperbox is quite unique: the four barrels stay stationary while the firing pin rotates 90 degrees with each cocking of the hammer. The pepperbox was available in calibers from .22 to .32, with the larger caliber being more on the rare side. This is the .30 variant, Model no. 2A, made between 1862 and 1866. It is in very fine condition with 80% tarnished silver plating on the frame and 20% blue on the barrel cluster. The action is crisp, the firing pin rotates as it should. The bores are good, with pronounced rifling and little corrosion. The gutta percha grips are excellent, without cracks or missing chips, and no visible wear. The markings are sharp and clear. "C. SHARPS PHILADELPHIA, PA" on the right side, and "C SHARPS PATENT 1859" on the left side of the frame. 3 inch barrels, SN 6265, rated very fine overall.


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