Johnson & Bye "Smoker No. 2" .32 RF Short Pocket Revolver
This is a more scarce type of "Suicide Special", chambered for the .32 short rim fire cartridge. The vast majority of the .32's were made to take the .32 long cartridge, because the cylinder then could fire either the short or long version of the .32 rim fire. This one from Johnson and Bye was made with a short cylinder though. It is in very fine to excellent condition, with 80% of its nickel plating intact, and excellent, undamaged rosewood grips. The action works as it should, the cylinder rotates and locks properly. The bore is dull, and shallow rifling is visible. A very handsome little pocket revolver, in excellent condition. 2 3/4 inch barrel, SN 2740 rated very fine to excellent overall.


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