Smith and Wesson .44 DA First Model
The .44 DA was Smith and Wesson's first attempt at a double action revolver, and it is to this day one of the finest designs and executions ever, far superior to anything Colt or Remington had on the market at the time. This 140 year-old gun can easily measure itself against any modern revolver. It is reliable, accurate and sturdy, well balanced in the hand, and aesthetically pleasing. The .44 DA First Model came in various calibers, the most common (and the only one to be considered antique) is the .44 "Russian". Although these guns were still being assembled as late as 1915, all frames had been produced prior to 1898, according to S&W factory records, which makes them antique according to Canadian regulations.
This one is a rare British proofed specimen, made at the S&W factory in Springfield for export to the UK. It bears London provisional proofs (crown over CP) and final inspection marks (Crown over V), and, just to be sure there is no ambivalence, a faint stamp on the right side of the frame which states "NOT ENGLISH MADE"...
The gun is in about fine condition with less than 25% of the nickel finish remaining. The grips are excellent, without cracks or missing chips, and very little wear. The action is excellent and accurate, the bore is shiny clean and the rifling very strong. Mechanically this gun is excellent. All matching serial numbers on the frame, cylinder, barrel and latch. Nice case colors on the trigger and hammer, 5 inch barrel. SN 27145, rated fine overall.

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