Smith And Wesson Double Action First Model
This is my all-time favourite antique revolver. The S&W DA First Model was introduced in 1881 and although they were still being assembled as late as 1913, the frames were all made before 1898 and therefore they are considered antique. The .44 Russian caliber is a powerful cartridge, and the heavy construction of this gun is a perfect fit. This is the best one I have ever had. It is in excellent condition, the action is perfect and the lockup is as tight as it was the day it was made. All matching numbers on the frame, barrel, latch, and cylinder, shiny bore with sharp rifling - a perfect bore as far as I can tell. 95% plus original nickel, excellent case colors on the hammer and trigger, near-mint grips. 6-inch barrel, SN#30049, rated excellent plus overall.


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