Smith and Wesson No. 2 "Old Model", .32 RF Long
The "No. 2 Old Model" was a popular personal side arm of many officers in the Union forces during the American Civil War, and is also known as the "Army" model although the US government never bought any of them for military service. It was first introduced in 1861, and made until about 1874. The "No. 2" refers to the frame size, "No. 1" having been the first, .22 caliber pocket revolver and the "No. 3"'s being the large-frame revolvers. The 1 1/2 was introduced after the number 2, and since it fits inbetween the no. 1 and no. 2, it was named the no. 1 1/2. The no. 2 was owned by such famous Americans as General George Armstrong Custer and "Wild Bill" Hickok, the marshal of Deadwood...
This specimen has a star affixed after its serial number, indicating that is was returned to the factory at some point for restoration. It bears about 40% blue, with the rest fading to a brown patina. The grips are excellent, without cracks or missing chips, the action is accurate and strong, and the cylinder indexes properly. The bore is very good, with strong rifling. The hinge is tight and undamaged. SN 75651, rated Very Fine overall.

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