Smith and Wesson Double Action First Model, .44 Russian
Smith and Wesson introduced their first double action revolver in 1880, although they had been working on a design since 1872, and produced various prototypes based on the .44 Russian model for the Russian government (who never bought any...). The first model to be released was actually the .38 caliber, followed by the .32, and in 1881 by the .44. For this reason, this model is variously known as the Double Action First Model, New Model Navy No. 3, and 3rd Model Double Action Top Break. At any rate, it is one of S&W's crowning achievements, in my opinion. I have rarely held a better gun...
This is an early specimen with the short, 1 7/16 cylinder. It has seen better days, and shows its age with honest pride. The grips are worn and faded, the original nickel plating is about 75% intact, and there are plenty of nicks and scratches. The action is crisp, however, lock up is reasonably good, with very little play in the cylinder. The bore is good - about a 7 out of 10 - with strong rifling and no major pits. The ejector works well, and the springs are strong. 5 inch barrel, all matching numbers, SN 19051, rated good overall.

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