18th Century Thewlis of Huddersfield, Yorkshire Flintlock Pocket Pistol
This little pocket pistol is marked "Thewlis" on one side and "Huddersfield" on the other. The family name seems to be common in this Yorkshire town, it even has a "Thewlis Lane". However, I was unable to find any details on the gunsmith of that name.
The pistol is a flint lock pocket gun with a 1 3/4 inch twist-off barrel of approximately 14mm caliber. The action is crisp, the flash pan is clean and the frizzen works properly. The gun is covered in a fine brown patina and the screw heads are reasonably unmarred. The one-piece grip is in very fine condition, without cracks or missing chips, minor handling marks and most of the varnish intact. Birmingham provisional and definitive proofs. NSN, rated fine overall.


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