Johnson & Bye "Tycoon No. 3", .38 Rim Fire Long Pocket Revolver
Iver Johnson and Martin Bye were partners in business from 1871 to 1883, at which time the firm's name changed to "Iver Johnson's Arms And Cycle Works", the name it is commonly known by. Johnson was a Norwegian trained gunsmith who emigrated to the US in the late 1860's and went to work for the famous Ethan Allen, where he met Martin Bye, his future business partner. Johnson made very good, albeit inexpensive guns, and later ventured into the bicycle market, and even motorcycles. The Iver Johnson company was in business until 1993.
This particular specimen is a "Tycoon No. 3", and it is the only .38 long rim fire gun made for civilian use that I have ever seen. .38 long is usually applied to martial weapons. It is in very fine to excellent condition, with most of the original nickel in place, and excellent rosewood grips. The action is strong and accurate, the cylinder locks up tightly, and the bore is shiny, with sharp rifling. Marked only "TYCOON NO. 3" on the top strap and "38cal" on the side. 3 inch barrel, SN 2273, rated excellent overall.

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