Webley - Pryce #4 Pattern by Wilkinson
The Webley-Pryce pattern revolvers were very popular in the 1880's, right up to the first World War and started Webley's top-break revolver reputation which lasted until the 1960's. The gun and its action were developed by Webley but the top-break, ejection, and barrel latch are the invention of Charles Pryce. This gun is a mechanical marvel with its rebounding hammer, star-ejector and double-lever barrel lock. It is chambered for the .450 Webley cartridge. The top strap is marked WILKINSON, PALL MALL, LONDON, and it is stamped "177" on top of the barrel rib. This is not a serial number and was affixed later, probably as an inventory number of a police force or military unit. The grips are very good, with moderate wear and a few scuffs and scrapes. They are marked "7422" which may also be an inventory reference. The actual serial number is on the frame, under the grips and bears a "Crown over AF" stamp next to it. This would suggest that the gun was made to Wilkinson's specifications by Auguste Francotte of Liege, Belgium. Francotte was known to make Webley's under contract for various British retailers. The gun works accurately in both single and double action, locks up tight and indexes perfectly. The bore is bright and clean, with sharp rifling and minor pitting along its length. 5 1/2 inch barrel, 80% original nickel, SN 1599, rated excellent overall.  


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