Whitney No. 1, .30 Rim Fire Pocket Revolver, RARE
Eli Whitney, the man often credited with inventing the cotton gin, and thus accelerating the end to black slavery in the US, was also a prolific firearms designer. Starting in 1798 the Whitney Arms Company produced more, and a greater variety of firearms over the next 90 years than any of the other major makers of the time - includung Colt, S&W and Remington. Eli Whitney Sr. and his son Eli Whitney Jr are among the most important firearms developers in American history.
The Whitneyville Armory, as the factory was called, turned out many types of pocket revolvers from about 1871 to 1879, starting with the No. 1, which was, until recently, only known to be a .22 rim fire however factory documents have revealed that some of the no. 1's were also made in .30 rim fire.
This is one of the rare .30's. It is in excellent condition, with 90% of its nickel plating intact, some flaking is evident on the cylinder. The action is accurate, the cylinder indexes properly and locks as it should. The bore is excellent with sharp rifling. The rosewood grips are excellent, without cracks or missing chips, and practically no wear. Faint case colors on the hammer and trigger. 2 1/2 inch barrel, SN 263E, rated  Excellent overall.

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